#B020; Mobile Test Drill CCY33521124.  Model B40, S/N 4EX152, 9- 5' augers, 5" diameter, 19' long, 8'6" tall, 7' 9" wide.  Chevrolet 30 truck, truck runs good, battery on drill is good, engine runs good on drill, truck has good tires, dual wheels on rear, hydraulic outriggers on rear.


#B314; Joy MS-4-E4 Track Drill S/N 30065, VCR 260. 


#B327; Joy Ram Air Track S/N MS28184, complete, no drifter.


#B405; Gardner Denver Air Track Drill, ATD3000, S/N 2305, DH125 drifter, S/N 2305, boom twisted & has weld repair.  (PARTS ONLY).


#B741; Chicago Pneumatic Drill S/N G5004, missing drifter and the main valve.   (PARTS ONLY).


#B826; Gardner Denver 3100.   (PARTS ONLY).


#B827; Joy MS4 Air Track Drill, S/N MS28184, complete, no drifter.


#B905; Air Track Drill model ATD3000 S/N 1914.  (PARTS ONLY). BOOM AND HAMMER SOLD.