#Y011;   30" X 70' Conveyor with 10 HP electric motor, 2 sets of legs. 


 #Y014; Receiving   Hopper for Conveyor.     $500.

 #Y015; Receiving Hopper for Conveyor. 


 #Y022;   Shop built 40' X 20" Conveyor with Triple 11" rollers and Baldor 10hp 3 ph  electric motor.     $4,000.

 #Y208; Bucket Elevator 16" X 24' portable, single axle, good condition, no power. 


 #Y210; 36" X 55' Conveyor, no belt, no box, no motor, rubber covered head & self cleaning tail, 4 rollers missing out of cradle  rollers (we may have some available), it has 4 lower cradles impact type.       $3,500.

 #Y304;   Channel Frame 24” X 20’ Conveyor, belt fair condition shaft mounted speed   reducer, with electric motor, with cradle rollers, but no return rollers. 


 #Y312;   Channel Frame 30” X 30’ Conveyor, motor and speed reducer, belt like new.     $3,000.

 #Y318;    Custom-built 30"X12' Field Conveyor.   $2,400.

 #Y320;  Custom-built 24"X38' Radial Stacking Conveyor with hydraulic drive. 


 #Y323;    Conveyor Rollers.      $1,500    EACH

 #Y341;     24"X30' Conveyor, shaft mounted speed reducer, with electric motor, belt fair,  and chain drive.    $1,500.

 #Y342;    30"X21' Conveyor, shaft mounted speed reducer, with motor, top cover thin but run-able, side boards.     $2,000.

 #Y382;     Channel Frame 36” X 30’ Conveyor, like new shaft mounted speed reducer, head  and tail rollers. 


 #Y512;    24"X60' Conveyor.    $4,000.

 #Y738;    Peerless 30” X 24' Conveyor Section, with shaft mounted speed reducer, electric  motor, head & tail rollers.    $4,000.

 #Y739;     Truss Conveyor 60” X 164’, heavy duty Impact rollers on 2' spacing’s. 

Call or e-mail  us for prices per item.

 #Y745;     20" X 45' Transfer Conveyor, shaft mounted speed reducer, electric motor, head  & tail rollers.    $3,000.

 #Y819;     Felco 18” X 20’ Under Excavator Bedding Conveyor.   $4,000.

 #Y929;     48" X 53' Port. Heavy Conveyor on Tandem, belt, drive, but no motor.