#Y105;    Cat 112F Grader.  $2,000.

  #Y521;     Galion 503A Grader S/N 503H0479, side shift on motor board, has heater,  power steering, 900/20 tires- good.    $6,500.

  #Y803;     Galion T500C Grader, S/N 026688, with 14' mb, cab, 14.00X24 tires.   


  #Y804;    Cat 12E Grader, S/N 99E05675, with 12' mb, cab, 14.00X24 tires. 


  #Y906;    Cat 12 Grader S/N 70D461, Cat D318 eng, fresh major & overhaul. 


  #Y907;     Cat 12 Grader S/N 8T9254, Cat D318 eng, good engine.